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Jiangsu Likang Medical Products Co., Ltd., established in early 1980s, has become one of China’s largest medical materials producers & exporters with more than two decades’ production and sales experience from a small enterprise with only dozens of staff after more than three decades’ arduous struggle.
The company is located in Fenhu Economic Development Zone, Wujiang City, a land flowing with milk and honey, with an area of 100,000  including factory and construction facility with an area of 60,000 ㎡.
With a capacity of whole production process including weaving, bleaching, dyeing, processing, packaging and sterilizing, it has six categories of products including medical operation towels, gauze products, cotton products, health care products, patients inhibitory products, high and middle end textile products that are export-oriented and supplemented by domestic sales. With an annual sales amount of RMB 350 million including USD 40 million in export, the company has consistently been listed in the top ten export-oriented companies in China’s medical materials for more than a decade.
The company has created an excellent and stable management team with all management personnel undergoing professional learning and training and more than 80% of managers at all levels having  more than ten or even over twenty years of production and management experience in medical materials. In addition, it has excellent hardware facilities including a plant with rational layout and clean room, high-quality and abundant water, electrical and gas complementary facilities, green and eco-friendly water treatment and sewage treatment facilities, fully functional inspecting and testing facilities to meet different customer demands on packaging and sterilizing equipment.
In the quality principle of “First Rate Quality, First Rate Management, First Rate Technology and Global Market” and the responsibility of meeting customer demands, it has established a complete and effective quality system that has been twice qualified by GMP inspection of USFDA, qualified by China Quality Certification Centre (CQC for short) and ISO9001, ISO13485 and CE quality system certification by Germany TUV since 1997. It has had its own enterprise and product registration in American market.
Having established stable global market for so many years, it has a group of foreign companies and customers that has mutual trust and long-term cooperation. Having had more than two decades’ cooperation history with a group of international famous customers including TYCO, MEDLINE and DUMEX, it has always had its largest business market in North American market. Furthermore, it has had enormous development with markets in Europe, Japan, South America, Australia and Southeast Asia in recent years with a broad prospect and limitless business opportunities.
In 2000, it establishes Suzhou Hengmao Textile Co., Ltd. with 68 dobby air-jet looms of the model 190 and 230 manufactured by Japan Toyota and an annual production capacity of 8 million meters middle and high grade fabrics. In this way, it has extended from a single medical material industry into textile field and enhanced its market competitive power.
In recent years, based on diverting economic growth way, adjusting industrial structure and planning to expand medical device market, it has cooperated with Chinese professional medical devices institutions to co-develop medical devices and hope to launch its “Kangshibao” brand medical device into foreign and domestic market within one or two years.