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  • quality policy

    first-class quality,
    first-class management,
    first-class technology,
    global market。

  • Core values

    Be responsible, abide by commitment, respect and care for employees
    Be positive, never give up, communicate honestly and innovate

  • Spirit

    Not Elated by Success and Defeated by Failure,
    Overcome All Difficulties and Move On Bravely.

  • Tenet

    Shoulder the Responsibility of Meeting Market Demand,
    Contribute to Fulfilling Double wins for Supply & Demand

  • Green and Eco-friendly Likang

    •More than RMB2 million was invested in establishing entire set of water treatment system and meet production process water demand. •More than RMB 3 million was invested in establishing waste water treatment system. Advanced sewage treatment technology was applied to enable all industrial and sanitary sewage to be effectively treated and fulfill all weather and up to standard discharge. Meanwhile, extra discharge index has been applied from environmental protection department to effectively ensure sustainable and healthy company development. •As for solid waste, the company established a long-term cooperation relationship with professional waste treatment institution to enable rational treatment of solid waste. In 2002, it was honored with the title of “Jiangsu Advanced Environmental Protection Enterprise” by Environmental Protection Department of Jiangsu. In 2006, it passed the inspection of “Clean Production”.

  • Benevolent and Harmonious Likang

    •It always makes donations to the weak in need. The recent donated property includes: + In Apr. 2002, it got certificate of honor because it donated RMB 60,000 to Wujiang Charity Federation; + In May.2003, it got certificate of honor for combating SARS awarded by Wujiang Red Cross; + In 2008, it donated 287700 breathing masks worth about RMB 700,000 and about RMB 110,000 of cash to Wujiang Red Cross to support the Wenchuan earthquake relief work in Sichuan; supporting the wenchuan earthquake relief work in Sichuan + In Aug. 2010, it got certificate of honor for donating RMB 40,000 to Wujiang Foundation for Justice and Courage. • It invested RMB 5,000,000 to remold the dining hall and dormitory by establishing independent sanitary facility in each dorm to ensure an excellent living environment for staff.It commissioned professional catering company to manage the dining hall and provided living allowances for staff to ensure them with safe, tasty and cheap food and effectively guarantee their health. •Related department made use of holiday to organize all kinds of festival event for staff and professional skill training to greatly enrich their after-hours life and improve their production skill. Evening Party of National Day and Middle Autumn Festival Awarding Ceremony for Advanced Team and Individual Site Scene of Middle Autumn Festival Evening Party